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Company for export-import, engineering, investments and services



Company MAJO Ltd. was founded in 1993 in Belgrade. Our Company is made of team of experts with long experience both in Serbia and abroad. For 26 years our Company has been constantly growing and expanding its activities.

Today, Company’s core business consists of the following activities:

1. Engineering services

  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)
  • Mechanical works
  • Construction works
  • Electrical works
  • Dismantling and relocation of production facilities

2. Design and sale of pumps and pumping systems

Since 2002 MAJO Ltd. is a partner of renowned German company WILO in the placement of WILO pumps and pump systems for Serbian market.

Our Company can assist you in the selection, delivery, installation, commissioning, maintenance and servicing of centrifugal pumps and pump systems for various purposes:

  • Pumps for chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries
  • Heating, cooling, air-conditioning
  • DHW (domestic hot water recirculation)
  • Solar systems
  • Water supply (pumps and systems for domestic water supply and immersed well pumps)
  • Pumps and devices for increasing and maintaining pressure
  • Devices for rainwater utilization
  • Pumps and equipment for waste water, including sewage

3. Working abroad

Starting from 2010 our Company in cooperation with foreign partner offers job positions abroad for engineers. These are the well-paid jobs on construction sites abroad, varying from dismantling of large production facilities to erection of power plants and bridges.

If you are interested for profitable job position abroad, visit our Career page, where you will find vacancies for various positions.

4. Consulting (accounting, tax and legal consulting)

In 2009 the Company introduced its new core business activity – consulting. We offer accounting and tax consulting and legal services. Unite these important functions of business in one place.

Reduce your costs and risks - our experts will provide you with quality and optimal consulting services, taking care of legal obligations of your business.

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The founder, owner and general manager:
Milorad M. BURSAĆ, B.Sc.M.Eng.


Company for export-import, engineering, investments and services
TFN: 100417350 • VAT: 130506298 • SBRA: BD 58782 • RN: 06666175 • AN: 285-1501000000235-15
Petefijeva № 41, 11032 Belgrade 133, PAK: 173978, Serbia
Phone/Fax: +381 (11) 250-63-49 • Cell phone: +381 (63) 446-041